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Our values


Our main mision is to ensure total traceability and direct sourcing for all our coffees. Our commitment revolves around fostering a direct, meaningful connection between you and the coffee growers.

This approach enables us to cultivate enduring relationships and mutual trust with our partner coffee cooperatives. By doing so, we not only ensure consistent, top-quality coffee over the long haul but also maintain affordability, all while acknowledging the invaluable efforts made by our dedicated producers on their farms.

Presently, we proudly collaborate directly with three cooperatives, YANESHA, KACHALU, COCAGUA, constituting the base of our permanent coffee selection.



Sustainable agriculture
All our producers are part of a sustainable farming approach that cares for people and nature .

Eco-responsible packaging
Our coffee is packaged ecologically or simply delivered loose. For our events, we only use ecological papercups or reusable cups.

Organic BIO coffees
100% of our products are certified organic.



One coffee, one recipe.

Roasting is a meticulous craft involving the gentle application of heat to slowly 'cook' the green coffee beans, trying to reach their full aromatic potential. This delicate operation encompasses numerous facets, including temperature curves, color, and the nuanced scents liberated by the beans themselves. To harness the quintessence of our coffee beans, our founders and master roasters, Artur and Jaff, fastidiously curate the precise roasting profile for each coffee variety.

Our dedication to the slow, time-honored roasting method is our hallmark, ensuring that we extract the full potential of every coffee bean. Over the course of approximately twelve to fifteen minutes, the coffee is gradually elevated to a temperature range spanning from 206°C to 220°C, allowing the development of their unique flavor profiles.

Our expertise

After several years of experience in the coffee business, we have become master into the art of roasting.

We roast our coffees ourselves in our workshop in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, on the outskirts of Brussels. They are roasted every week and delivered to you within a few days after roasting. This guarantees ideal freshness and, as a result, an unbeatable taste in the cup.

100% Arabica
Our entire range is a selection of the finest organic Arabicas !

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